Deko Boko 1.2 Available

. You can add any optional or required fields you want to the contact form, simply using HTML. It includes a “CC Me” option, it uses reCAPTCHA for handling spam, and it protects against XSS and email header injection attacks. New in version 1.2: You can have Deko Boko load its stylesheet only on pages[…]

Koumpounophobia Now at

Koumpounophobia is a plugin for adding custom buttons to the WordPress HTML Editor, and it’s now available for download at I also created a . I’ve made a few improvements with this version: Now uses the jQuery plugin UI Dialog for controlling the modal input dialogs Fixed bug with buttons for self closing tags[…]

Two New WordPress Plugins: Koumpounophobia and Post-to-Post Links II

Update: and so is Post-to-Post Links II. I’ve updated the download links below. I’m releasing beta versions of two new WordPress plugins: Koumpounophobia and Post-to-Post Links II. I’ll create documentation pages for them soon. In the meantime please see the readme.txt files that come with them for details. Here’s the overview: Koumpounophobia Koumpounophobia is powered[…]

Shashin 2.3 Beta is Here

Shashin 2.3 is a complete rewrite, with more robust error handling, improved security, and several new features. I’m initially releasing it on my site only, as a beta release. Update: The final version is now available for download at Download Shashin 2.3 Now. I’ve done a fair amount of testing myself, but since it’s[…]