Twitpic and Youtube with Shashin

I just did something that’s a no-no with beta software – I added new features. I just couldn’t resist 🙂 . Shashin 3 now works with Twitpic and Youtube. To your right are a photo from Picasa, a photo from my Twitpic account, and a Youtube video I uploaded, all shown using a single Shashin[…]

Shashin Documentation and Examples

Writing good documentation is hard work 🙂 now contains detailed documentation for installing and using Shashin 3 (the beta version is currently available at GitHub). I modified the Shashin 3 progress status page so it is now a demo page, with . I created a new, temporary page for , since it is still available[…]

Agile Programming for WordPress Plugins: The Joy of Output Buffering

A standard practice of Agile programming, and good programming in general, is to separate your display code from your application logic. Bob Martin: Today’s modern programming environments make it possible to put many different languages into a single source file. For example, a Java source file might contain snippets of XML, HTML, YAML, JavaDoc, English,[…]

Deko Boko 1.3 Now Available

Update 6/26: Please download version 1.3.1, as it contains an important bug fix. Also, for GitHub fans, I now also have Deko Boko on GitHub. It’s been almost two years since I last updated my Deko Boko contact form plugin. The new version is now available at It started as a fix to a[…]

Shashin 2.5 Now Available

Shashin 2.5 is now available for download at This actually isn’t the major release I’ve been working on – it doesn’t include Flickr and Twitpic support (that’s still a work in progress). But it does include one very cool new feature: a jQuery based WYSIWYG browser for adding Shashin photos to your posts. You[…]

Shashin 2.4 Beta Available

Update 5/29: Beta testing is done, and Shashin 2.4 is now available for download at Shashin 2.4 has several new features that people have been asking for. It’s available on my site only as a beta release. I’ll upload it to after I get feedback on the beta. If you can contribute a[…]