Thoughts on @RonJeffries “But We Need a Database… Don’t We?”

Ron Jeffries wrote a post a couple days ago with a title indicating its about databases, but then he proceeds into a test-driven development (TDD) coding exercise. Halfway through, an ostensible reader interrupts: Hey! I thought this was supposed to be about databases??? Hey, yourself. Try to pay closer attention. This is totally about databases.[…]

Agile, PHP, and WordPress Plugins, Part 1: Including Class Files

Over the past several months I’ve been following Agile coding principles in my work, as described by Bob Martin and others (see, for example, Clean Code, Agile Software Development, and Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests). Applying these principles in PHP presents some challenges. Applying them to WordPress plugin development presents even more challenges. This[…]

Trying Out Scrum

I’ve barely blogged at all for the past several months, and the main reason is that my new job has been keeping me busy, and using up my creative energy. But it’s all good – I’m enjoying the challenges. In case you missed my previous tweets about it, I’m now Director of the 14 person[…]