Knowledge Slam

I presented at the Philadelphia Knowledge Slam tonight on job satisfaction and Agile. It was a lot of fun! The hardest part was putting together a coherent presentation that fit within the strict 5 minute limit, with no slides allowed. There were 10 great presentations on a wide variety of topics: the songs of Robins,[…]

WordCamp New York City 2012

With 12 session tracks on Saturday, followed by unconference sessions on Sunday and encore performances of Saturday’s most popular presentations, WordCamp NYC last week was by far the biggest WordCamp I’ve attended. Then of course there’s the real reason people go – the after party on Saturday (there was also the sponsors and speakers party[…]

WordPress plugins: does size matter? Applying the Single Responsiblity Principle

In the last episode of WP Late Night, there was a brief debate about plugin size. Ryan expressed a preference for smaller plugins with tightly focused functionality. It’s natural to worry that, as the number of lines of code increases, so does the likelihood of bugs, and performance slowdowns. This concern makes sense if you’re[…]

Dependency Injection in PHP

Last week I gave a presentation to my team on dependency inversion and dependency injection in PHP. Dependency inversion is the “D” in the the SOLID object oriented design principles, and dependency injection is a design pattern for implementing it. We previously learned the single responsibility principle (PDF) (the “S” in SOLID). To me, dependency[…]

Why Do Planes Crash?

A couple weeks ago I gave a presentation to my team, based on Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers: The Story of Success. I focused on his analysis of mitigated speech (when we downplay or sugarcoat the meaning of what we say, usually out of deference to authority). Mitigated speech has been a key factor in numerous airplane[…]

Agile Programming for WordPress Plugins: The Joy of Output Buffering

A standard practice of Agile programming, and good programming in general, is to separate your display code from your application logic. Bob Martin: Today’s modern programming environments make it possible to put many different languages into a single source file. For example, a Java source file might contain snippets of XML, HTML, YAML, JavaDoc, English,[…]