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Ask Kosh is one of the few pages that has survived the many revisions to my site over the years. It dates from about 1997. It uses a very simple randomizer script, giving a magic 8-ball kind of response to the questions you pose. Kosh was a character from the TV show Babylon 5 who always spoke very cryptically. So take a trip back in time, to when having a black background for your web page was really cool.

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You have questions, and Kosh has the answers, but are you wise enough to understand him? Remember that Kosh is quite reclusive – click on him first to see if he’s feeling talkative. Even if he is, you might not get a friendly answer.


I’ve collected all the Koshisms used in Ask Kosh into a single .zip file, which I’m happy to share with other Kosh fans. It also contains several additional samples that are not used in Ask Kosh.

Download (size: 1.7Mb)


Total TV Top 10Way back when, Ask Kosh was selected by Total TV magazine as one of the 10 best Babylon 5 sites (Total TV is no longer published).

All of the images and sounds used in Ask Kosh are copyright © and trademark ™ PTN Consortium and Warner Bros.

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