Eidan’s Birthday

Eidan enjoying his birthdayEidan enjoying his birthday
Eidan enjoying his birthday05-Aug-2013 18:03, LG Electronics LS670, 4.31mm
Eidan with his birthday cakeEidan with his birthday cake
Eidan with his birthday cake05-Aug-2013 19:45, LG Electronics LS670, 4.31mm
And a birthday presentAnd a birthday present
And a birthday present05-Aug-2013 19:54, LG Electronics LS670, 4.31mm

This blog post is a bit late – Eidan turned 8 a few weeks ago. Many of his friends are away on summer vacation, so we postponed having a party until the school year starts. But we did let him pick a place to go for a family dinner – he picked Japanese, followed by ice cream cake at home.

While Kai enjoys a lazy day at home (a perfect day for him is never getting out of his pajamas), nothing could be worse as far as Eidan is concerned. He’s a ball of energy and always wants to be busy. So we filled his summer with one day camp after another: art, gym, outdoor exploration, baseball, and soccer. He’s made several new friends, he’s become crazy for baseball and soccer, and he’s got quite a tan.

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