Trailer for the Conclusion of Avatar: The Last Airbender

Last Fall I admitted to my guilty pleasure of watching Avatar with Kai. The first half of the last season ended several months ago, and the series will conclude with episodes starting on July 14. Here’s the trailer for it from Nickelodeon. The dialog they choose for it is cheesier than the previous trailer, but it still looks really promising:

I also stumbled across this interview with M Night Shyamalan, who is directing what will hopefully be the first of three Avatar live action films. Shyamalan has an awfully inconsistent track record with his films so far, veering between brilliant and mind-numbing. But I get the sense from the interview that he genuinely gets what Avatar is really about, so I find that a hopeful sign.

If you’re a person who laments the decline of the Saturday morning kids cartoon genre, then you should really check out Avatar: The Last Airbender. It may not currently be on TV (we’ve not been getting up early), but it’s available on DVD and it’s properly brilliant; beautifully animated and very well written for kids’ entertainment. M Night Shyamalan is currently in pre-production adapting the cartoon into a movie trilogy, so now is really the time to get yourself familiar with it…

“Buddhist and Hindu philosophies run through the stuff,” he [Shyamalan] continues. “When I realised that is what it was, it really drew me as the template for putting storytelling on a new level. There is a kind of thread that connects Star Wars and The Matrix – the first one. That same thread is in this story, about a forgotten belief system, or the illusion of the world now.”

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