Kosh Lives!

One of the few pages left on my site that I hadn’t incorporated into WordPress (until now) was Ask Kosh. It dates back to about 1997 and is one of just a few pages that remains from my original site. It used to be its own self contained mini-site, with half a dozen pages of ancillary nonsense attached to it. I’ve stripped it down to just a single page, which I think will be enough to satisfy whatever interest remains in cryptic ol’ Kosh. Ask Kosh was a big hit back when Babylon 5 was still running new episodes – it even made a top 10 list in Total TV magazine.

One thought on “Kosh Lives!

  • Always been a big fan of Bablyon5 so nice to find a post out of out a random search regarding bab5. I was saddened very much to hear of the actor who played Sinclair passing away recently. Nice website by the way.

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