Molly Ivins

I’ve recently started reading Molly Ivins’ editorials. She’s a Texas lefty – I thought they became extinct after Ann Richards left the scene, but apparently not. I saw in her column today something I haven’t seen reported anywhere else yet – that the Bush administration is trying to pump up the numbers for the manufacturing sector by getting fast food jobs reclassified as manufacturing jobs. There’s nothing like solving your problems through redefinition! She also mentioned the Rod Paige quote in which he (jokingly) referred to the NEA as a “terrorist organization”. It seems over the past month or two that the Bush administration has become as gaffe-prone as Clinton’s was. We’ll see if they keep it up!

Molly Ivin’s current column is here: http://www.creators.com/opinion_show.cfm?columnsName=miv – her next column will appear at that URL in a few days, so if you want to read the editorial I’m talking about, do it soon.

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